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St. Mark's Lutheran Church was founded in 1869, built in 1873 and has been at its present location on Franklin Road since 1953. We worship and learn together, focusing on the transforming power of God in Jesus Christ. The members are hardworking and friendly.

The people of St. Mark’s have a strong history of service to the Lutheran Church, the Virginia Synod and especially to the Roanoke community. The Free Clinic was founded by the members of St. Mark’s and they have been active in many other social ministry projects in the area as well, including building Habitat for Humanity houses, volunteering at the Roanoke Area Ministries (RAM House), the Rescue Mission, as well as running their own clothes closet and food pantry.

As part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, St. Mark’s seeks to proclaim and live out the love of God that is revealed in Jesus Christ. We believe that the Church is essential to Christian life and growth. Its members are all sinners in need of God's grace. It has no claim on human perfection. The church exists solely for the hearing and doing of God's Word. It can justify its existence only when it proclaims the living Word of Christ, administers the Sacraments and gives itself to the world in deeds of service and love. Most Lutherans recognize a wider fellowship of churches and are eager to work alongside them in ecumenical ministries and projects.


In 2009 we celebrated 140 years in service to our Lord.  Learn more by accessing the following links: 

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